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Our Innovation

The technology shall safely reduce the amount of E. Coli bacteria in urinary tract in adult people with urinary tract infection (UTI) based on E. Coli bacteria. The effect is a result of an alteration of the pH level in the urinary tract constraining the E. Coli bacteria to reproduce. This is combined, as a subordinated mode of action, with delivery of natural sugar (d-mannose), which has an ability to mechanically mask the bacterial adhesin FimH. Thereby the bacteria cannot bind to the urothelial cells and will instead be discharged via the urine.

The combination of these to mechanisms diminish the effect of the infection, using natural substances.

The anatomical site where the effect of the UTI-Q technology is utilized is the urinary tract. The active components in the product has no or very limited effect on the rest of the body and have thereby an advantageous safety profile.

Pilot Study

Our Pilot Study indicates that it shows efficacy in uncomplicated UTI
Study Design
Open pilot study performed during 2015 and 2016 at Vårdcentralen Ekenhälsan, Gothenburg.
Fifteen (15) women aged 7-88 years with recurring UTI participated. Patients were treated with UTI-Q for six days.